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How can I sync my projects across different platforms?

Bar Bazaart
Last Updated: 6 months ago

Share projects between iOS-Android-Web

It's possible to access Bazaart premium throughout various platforms, however it is currently impossible to access projects across different platforms. This means that one cannot access a project he made on an Apple device from the Bazaart Web App (and vice versa).

We understand this is an important feature for our users and are working on developing a solution. We appreciate your patience.

Share projects between iOS devices (iPhone-iPad)

It's possible to move projects manually between Apple devices (while signed in with the same Apple ID as subscribed with):

On one device
1. Tap the (...) button > Select Projects > Select up to 10 projects at a time 
2. Tap the (...) button at the bottom > Export Projects > Save to Files

On the other device
3. Tap the (...) button > Import Projects
4. Select Projects > Tap Open (top right corner).

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