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What edits can I make on the Bazaart Web version?

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Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
  1. Choose a variety of colors and fills from our Backgrounds pack:

    • Colors (includes color spectrum)

    • Fill (1000's of creative fillers to choose from)

  2. Photo (add your own):

    • Remove tool: Remove the background of your photo with just one click

    • Choose desired opacity

    • Transform your photo with Flip & Mirror tools

  3. Graphics pack: Choose from over 1000 graphics

    • Search for your graphic by typing on the graphic search bar

    • Change the color and opacity of the graphic

    • Transform you graphic with the Flip & Mirror tools

  4. Add text:

    • Choose from over 500 fonts

    • Edit text color

    • Change opacity

    • Use Flip tool on your text

    • Resize, align & space your text

  5. Each layer of your project can be:

    • Added/ edited/ deleted

    • Moved and scaled

Download your project with one click (includes Bazaart's watermark)

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