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How to instantly remove background from image

Bar Bazaart
Last Updated: 1 year ago

Make background transparent in a single step

Removing background from images with Magic tool is an instant, one step process. Sounds too good to be true? Hit the “magic” icon in the bottom menu of the app and see for yourself!

The Magic tool will automatically detect the object or people in your photo and meticulously clip them, while keeping the cutout edges neat and smooth.

Here’s a glimpse of what the Magic tool can do for you:

  1. Product photography editing

    Online store owner? Give your product photos a clean and consistent transparent background with Magic tool. Selling on eBay or Amazon? Use Magic tool to position your products against a crisp white background that search engines love!

  2. Logo editing

    These days you want your logo everywhere: Social media, websites, emails, you name it. Having a logo with a transparent background is super handy as it gives you the freedom to use your logo anytime and anywhere you want.

  3. Great hair day, anyday

    Cutting out curly or bouncy hair can be tricky even for super experienced designers. Magic tool saves you hours of editing by flawlessly cutting out any type of hair (or fur! 🐾) without damaging the original fullness, richness and fine edges of the hair.

  4. Nail that job opportunity with a professional headshot 

    Make yourself look extra hirable by creating professional headshots for your website, LinkedIn profile and online job marketplaces.

  5. Sky replacement images

    Getting that perfect snapshot of heavens ain’t simple. Use Magic tool to remove the original sky background from your photo with surgical precision. You can then use Bazaart to add a more awe-inspiring sky background to your photos.

  6. Travel the world without leaving your couch

    Have you always wanted to visit Paris? Use the Magic tool to remove the background from your selfie, and put yourself right by the Eiffel tower, for all your friends to see. Travel anywhere without spending a dime!

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