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How to create product photos with a white background?

Bar Bazaart
Last Updated: 10 months ago

Step 1: Pick your product photo

To make sure you get the best product photo possible, use a clear, high-quality image.

To make your product stand out, choose a photo that puts your product front-and-center. Resist the temptation to use product photo props – remember, you’re about to remove the background and additional details won’t make it to the final cut.

Step 2: Product background removal

Use the “Magic Tool” to remove the background from your image in a single tap. Don’t get stressed if your product photo has a very “busy” or “noisy” background. Bazaart can handle and remove any background with surgical precision, without compromising quality or intricate details.

Step 3: Add a white background to the product photo

The big moment has come. Soon you’ll be able to see your product neatly positioned against a professional white background. Simply tap to choose “white” from Bazaart’s menu of background colors and the app will generate a white background for your photo in a split second. 

Step 4: Add a shadow to the product photo

One last touch and you’re done. All that’s missing from your photo is some natural shadow, or as we call it, “an instant sales enhancer”. Whatever you do, don’t skip this stage: a natural shadow lets you showcase your products 3-dimensionally, adding context, depth, and a touch of magical realism.

Bazaart’s killer photo shadow effect helps your product pop out of the page – and into people’s shopping carts. It works like charm: tap the object in your photo, select ‘shadow’ in the menu, and watch your product come to life. You can even adjust the shadow exactly as you want, for a more perfect result.

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